«This is from a Instagram post from someone I know, also in the LGBTQ+ community. Unfortunately, I no longer have the screenshot of it. He said something like “I fucking hate asexuals. They’re not even LGBT. Bitch ass trying to prove they’re oppressed. Gays and trans people are fucking killed and bullied everyday. Ma’am you are cishet. Stop trying to compare your problems to those of trans people. You’re not oppressed and you never will be. At the end of the day, homosexuals, queer and trans people ARE SHAMED AND KILLED!”

I made a polite comment asking him if he also thought a trans ace or lesbian ace isn’t LGBT either, and pointed out several issues that asexuals face that resemble those of other queer identities. I ended by calling for solidarity instead of within-community gatekeeping. He removed me from his followers, and a few hours later, blocked me. I’m not sure if I am asexual or not, but I could not abide with this kind of discrimination. I’m glad I spoke up.»