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Translation (via Google translate):

1st person: You may have had bad experiences but you can always change remember it

2nd person: No I couldn’t, because that would be my orientation.

1st person: I’m still convinced that I can change your mind. Remember that there is always corrective rape.

2nd person: If I were asexual, there would be nothing to correct in me, because asexuality is not a disturbance, but an orientation.

1st person: Anyway you like my cock anyway?

Translation (via Google translate):

Alice created a poll on Jan 22 at 5:46 pm

Would you ever have an association or relationship with an asexual person (who never, ever wants to have sex)?

Claudio: No because he is a selfish person

Daniele: But not even dead.
It would be a loss for her ass of apocalyptic proportions on her part.

Luigi: Obviously not. How do you stay with a person with psychiatric disorders. What questions do you ask

Mary: She must be raped

Andrea: No because she would be disturbed and should be treated

Maurizio: the real challenge is to make her change her mind: v