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Asexual vs Demisexual vs Bisexual

Tackling Acephobia Within the LGBTQ+ Community
I tried to shorten it as much as I could, while also being informative as possible. Please be respectful in the comments if you disagree, or find something conflicting to what I found. There’s not a lot of information regarding asexuals so I did the best I could. Hope this helps, and thank you for supporting this video!
Also I did find another article after uploading this video about asexuality no longer being a mental disorder, so I’ll link that here. However, according to Psychology Today it’s still up for debate whether or not asexuality is an orientation or a disorder. So I’ll link both articles here. That’s my bad, sorry guys!
All definitions are also found on Wikipedia, not linked here, but google it and it’ll be like the first thing to pop up.
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Reacting to Mean Comments About Asexuality ❤ The Ace Episodes #14
Welcome back to my channel, and welcome back to the Ace Episodes! In this episode I react to comments on my Metro article on my relationship with my sexuality. Some nice, some nasty, some inbetween, but it’s all in good fun! Let me know what you thought of the video, and be sure to check out my recent article on asexuality below.
My Metro asexuality article:…
Still unsure if you’re ace? Check my sources below!
Asexual videos I found helpful (I’m going to keep adding to this so feel free to revisit it now and then):…
WikiHow article:…
UK Asexuality Facebook group:…
Bristol Asexuals Facebook group:…
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