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Alice created a poll on Jan 22 at 5:46 pm

Would you ever have an association or relationship with an asexual person (who never, ever wants to have sex)?

Claudio: No because he is a selfish person

Daniele: But not even dead.
It would be a loss for her ass of apocalyptic proportions on her part.

Luigi: Obviously not. How do you stay with a person with psychiatric disorders. What questions do you ask

Mary: She must be raped

Andrea: No because she would be disturbed and should be treated

Maurizio: the real challenge is to make her change her mind: v

Acephobia & Anti-asexual hate crime


«What is anti-asexual hate crime?

Any offence should be treated as an anti-asexual hate crime if the person who experienced it or anyone else feels it was an expression of acephobia. Anti-asexual hate crime can include verbal abuse and violence from neighbours or strangers. Because people’s asexual identity is not always visible to strangers, anti-asexual abuse can often be concentrated in settings where the targeted person and perpetrator know each other. That can include verbal abuse or unwanted sexual touching from acquaintances and anti-asexual domestic abuse from family or partners. This also includes actual and threats of so-called “corrective” rape, to “fix” the person’s orientation.

These crimes are less easy to recognise but it is equally important to record and address them in a manner that addresses their motivation of hostility. To qualify to be recorded as a hate incident, a report needn’t include anti-asexual language. It is enough for a reporting person to perceive that it was motivated by acephobia.»

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