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“cancel if you want but I die before being in a relationship like this……….”

“It is that this would not even be asexuality in itself (if it exists) because there should be no pleasure involved on the part of who is considered asexual in fact, such a person could not fully consent. The comic at the end illustrates pure narcissism”

“why in 2021 there are still “asexuals””

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P*teiro gun shot; puteiro = brothel

Tackling Acephobia Within the LGBTQ+ Community
I tried to shorten it as much as I could, while also being informative as possible. Please be respectful in the comments if you disagree, or find something conflicting to what I found. There’s not a lot of information regarding asexuals so I did the best I could. Hope this helps, and thank you for supporting this video!
Also I did find another article after uploading this video about asexuality no longer being a mental disorder, so I’ll link that here. However, according to Psychology Today it’s still up for debate whether or not asexuality is an orientation or a disorder. So I’ll link both articles here. That’s my bad, sorry guys!
All definitions are also found on Wikipedia, not linked here, but google it and it’ll be like the first thing to pop up.
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