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Responding to Asexual Hate Comments
Sometimes people are mean to me about being Asexual on the internet. So let’s use that as a teachable moment, shall we?
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Discrimination Against Asexual People Is Surprisingly Commonplace


«It’s simple: Ace people made a choice, not that of which concerns the state of their sexual attraction, but everything else surrounding it. Bringing them ridicule from all walks of society. Almost universal disdain.

Straight people, gay people, bi/pan people, and every letter in the “LGBT+” acronym, have subsections of acephobic people. That is perhaps the most debilitating thing about such an observation — the people who you entrust most with having your back would suddenly turn on you and judge your existence to be trivial — inheritors of homophobic legacy. The very same type of bullshit we’re accustomed to by white nationalists when they claim that “everyone is at least a little bit racist”, to make a point about bigotry being an innate trait to be unlearned, not one that should be learned, to be avoided.»

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