Submitted and translated by “L’afobia esiste” @stop.afobia_ita

An uncensored version of the screenshot exists here. The password is Sicnetpv.


Girl: “Good evening, I don’t want to attack you or anything else, can I ask you to have a civile discussion? I’d like to understand why you hate so much asexual people”

Acephobe: “I don’t hate anyone and I never wrote about hating anyone. Where did you read it? Are you also dyslexic in addiction to having trauma related to sexuality?”
“However I repeat that there is no asexuality: those who have problems with sex have problems with their bodies and therefore have a disorder to solve. Sexuality is a primary drive and if it’s missing it means that there is a trauma that must be identified and resolved”
“But then you are 17 years old, you aren’t asexual, you simply haven’t found who opens your legs properly. Go fuck and don’t fuck with me” 
(In the message he says “asessuata”, in Italian there’s a huge difference between “asessuale” and “asessuato/a/*, the first one means not having genitals, the second one means don’t feel sexual attraction, so the first one is an insult for asexual people). 
Girl: “Iā€™m sorry, I thought I could have a civilized, mature discussion with you, but obviously I was wrong”
Acephobe: “Your ass stinks of shit and your mouth stinks of milk. Get fucked by a Maghreb before you make serious speeches. Now go”
Girl: “I’ve got better things to do, good evening” 
Acephobe: *sends dickpic* 
“Suck the n****r cock and you’ll get over it, cow”